There’s a guiding principle that drives us at Bellevarde. 

We call it John's question and it goes like this—‘What’s the best way to do it?’. 

The answers we find help us build some of Australia’s most awarded architectural houses. 

Here are some examples.


#003: Simple Materials, Beautifully Finished: Timber

People have an emotional response to timber’s traditional warmth and character. It’s natural, living, and it changes over time, developing patina. It’s wonderful to build with and, if maintained properly, will last forever.

Crafting it well is an art, one we’ve refined over 40 years building exceptional architectural houses that last generations.

#002: Simple Materials, Beautifully Finished: Concrete

Ever-popular with architects and home owners, concrete is in the midst of a creative renaissance. 

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#001: Simple Materials, Beautifully Finished

There’s an honesty in inexpensive materials. When handled properly, they graciously allow an architect’s vision to emerge.

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